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Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the most popular brands in beauty and quickly established itself as the Holy Grail of eyebrow products. From eyebrows they branched out into contour palettes, liquid lipsticks, eyeshadows and, most recently, they've released a series of 'Glow Kits'- full-sized highlighting palettes. Having never tried ABH eyeshadows for myself, I thought it was about time I broadened my horizons and when I saw the Modern Renaissance Palette, I knew I had to have it. With 14 beautiful warm shades I immediately knew this would be for me, I'm all about those warm smoky eyes so oranges, yellows and warm reds are my absolute favourite. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills can be a (slightly) difficult brand to get in the UK, while websites such as Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty do stock them, they don't have the full range of products and neither of them stock their individual eyeshadows. I'd always passed up on the opportunity to get their other palettes- I try to avoid getting a full palette if I don't think I'll use at least 75% of the shades and this was true of both the Self Made and Artist Palettes. Thankfully, the Modern Renaissance palette seemed perfect for me, and I was even happier when I found out it was going to be made permanent. 

I bought my palette for £41 from Beauty Bay, although it's around the same price ($42) from the official ABH website and Sephora, obviously American brands are usually slightly more expensive over here so this was no surprise, and for 14 pans I didn't find this price at all unreasonable working out at just under £3 per pan. 

The packaging is quite nice, I love the lettering on the front with the ABH logo, although the colour pink just isn't for me. Additionally, the material used for the actual packaging (some kind of soft felt) has a tendency to get a bit dirty, although neither of these factors bother me at all and I'm much more concerned about the actual product. I also love the fact that it has quite a big mirror inside, making it easy if you're travelling or doing your makeup on-the-go (something I never do because I always end up looking like the joker).

As for the actual product I can safely say they're amazing: pigmented, buttery and very easy to blend. ABH have an amazing reputation when it comes to all their products and this is no different. All the shades are wearable for both day-to-day situations or for a more dramatic look. Additionally there are enough shades in this palette to create endless combinations of eyeshadow looks, and the mixture of matte and shimmers means that there is really nothing you can't achieve with these shades. This palette has quickly become one of my favourites, so much so that I've had to actively stop myself from using it as I've been neglecting my other eyeshadow palettes. It even got the seal of approval from my mam when I used it to do her makeup (I am a Geordie and writing any other word than mam just feels unnatural).
This is one of my favourite looks I've done with this palette, just a simple warm smoky eye with some kind of sparkle on the lid and inner corner. I really love the shimmer shades in the palette, although one of my favourite colours to put on my lid is Champagne Pop by Becca/Jaclyn Hill- it goes really well with the warm smoky colours. I always always always wear winged eyeliner, although I think it goes really well either way. 

Overall I'd definitely recommend this product and this brand as a whole. Anastasia Beverly Hills have and keep producing amazing quality products, many of which I already have, and I plan to buy a lot more in the future, starting with their individual eyeshadows- I've already bought a Z Palette to put them in!

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  1. Oh I need this palette!! Keep eyeing it up, think I'll take the plunge now thank you!!
    Loving your posts!

    Chloe x


    1. Seriously you won't regret it!
      Aw thanks & thanks for commenting!!

      Catriona X


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