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Hi! Today I'm doing the second half of my 'favourite foundations' post. Last month I did a post dedicated to my favourite drug store/affordable foundations so check that out if you're interested! I have a lot less favourite high end foundations, but the ones I do like are my holy grails which I'll always repurchase. What I like about high end foundations it that they generally tend to have a better shade selection. More affordable brands don't go light enough to cater to really light skin tones such as mine, and I've found that they often tend to look quite orange/pink, whereas I have yellow undertones so these don't suit me. 


The first foundation is the infamous Double Wear by Estée Lauder. I really like this foundation, it's one of the most heavy duty foundations out there and if you set it properly it will stay put. The finish of this is definitely matte, especially when set with powders although if I've got a long day I generally tend to go matte anyway because it allows for my natural oils to come through more before I start looking horrifically oily. The things I don't like about this foundation are that the bottle doesn't have a pump- it's really irritating as when you pour out product loads tends to come out and you end up wasting some. Another drawback of this foundation is that it does flashback as it has SPF in, meaning that for flash photography and events involving pictures it might not be ideal. The shade I have is a light yellow undertoned one, called Bone. This foundation is a pretty standard price for a high end foundation (£31) but if you want some heavy duty coverage then try it out. 


My second favourite foundation is the All Day Luminous Foundation by Nars. Nars only have two foundations and they're both in this favourites post. One thing I really like about Nars foundations is that they have a lot of yellow shades which is good for people like me. I don't usually like water-based foundations, which is what this is, as I don't feel like they offer very good coverage but this one is really great. It blends out really nicely and gives a full coverage without looking cakey or heavy. This foundation also comes with a pump (yay) whereas the other Nars foundation doesn't. At £34 this is slightly more expensive but it really is a beautiful foundation.


So I've talked about this foundation about 10,000 times so I'll try and make this brief. If you're looking for the fullest coverage possible, this is for you. It takes a bit of buffing in because it is so full coverage but the finish is fantastic. One thing I've found is that it can sometimes accentuate dry skin, but on a day to day basis I usually mix this with a thinner, more watery foundation to combat that. This is the most expensive foundation mentioned, £37, but instead of using pumps of foundation to get my desired coverage this only takes a few drops. I have 3 shades, but this one is Ivory. If you like full coverage, check this out. 


This used to be my ultimate holy grail foundation before I discovered the Marc Jacobs one, BUT I still love this. Out of the two Nars foundations this one is definitely my favourite, I find the coverage slightly better and the finish slightly more dewy and long lasting. Despite the name the coverage is not 'sheer' and the finish isn't massively 'glowy', although with everything this depends on how it's set. I love the combination of this foundation and the Kat Von D Lock It Powder foundation, they work amazingly together. This is slightly cheaper than the All Day Luminous, £32, but doesn't come with a pump, although once you've bought a pump you can just transfer it from bottle to bottle. The shades I have in my Nars foundations are Deauville (lighter) and Punjab (darker) and they're perfect. 


Finally, this isn't a foundation but I thought it deserved a mention. This is the Cover FX custom cover drops. These are drops of pigment designed to be added to foundations or tinted moisturisers to add coverage. These are fantastic- there's been a few foundations I've liked but the coverage just wasn't enough for me, this has totally solved that. This is available in loads of different shades so they can also be used to lighten/darken foundations. These are £36 but as you only use 2-3 drops at a time they last a long time, a lot longer than a foundation would!

Which high end foundations are your favourite? 

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